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Works 2018

Works 2018

A collection originally conceived for an exhibition, all pieces were made by hand in our workshop.

Inspired by images of the moon and planets, Highlight of the Night is a floor standing light with an illuminated cast glass disc.

I knew that I wanted to make a cast glass disc as a light and this was an opportunity to go back to working very hands-on with materials and processes in the workshop; to actually create the final objects. It's a different creative process where you have a freedom to adapt and respond to incidents during the process of creation. It's about experimenting and having fun in the workshop and to see making as a part of the design process.

Meandering Chair is an experiment in using a minimal amount of material to make an elegant seat.

For the With or Without You vases, engraved glass is given a weightless quality.

Inspired by seemingly impossible balanced objects and random tattoos, I started with two blown bubbles and began engraving on these without a set plan but responding to the drawings as they started to cover the glass. A bit like how all-over tattoos are mixed drawings of everything one likes, spiders, roses and small animals started to appear.

Works 2018
Works 2018
Works 2018 Works 2018

Seemingly impossible balanced objects

and random tattoos

Works 2018
Works 2018
Works 2018 1
Works 2018 2
Works 2018 3
Works 2018 4
Works 2018 5

Photography by Studio Tord Boontje