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Until Dawn

Until Dawn

An elaborate panel of flora and fauna that plays with light creating intriguing shadows.

Made of Tyvek, a super-resistant paper material, Until Dawn comes with velcro-closure loops for hanging over a wire, pole or from hooks. With scissors, you can cut it to the desired length: there's no need to sew!

The Until Dawn curtain is made by die-cutting (a machine stamps this out with something like a very large cookie cutter). The paper is folded in four layers to fit into the machine and stamped out. When you unfold it, you see a reflected symmetry because of this process. The deer looks like it could be standing at the edge of a lake and you see it’s reflection in the water underneath, half a dragonfly becomes whole and two birds are singing to each other.

Until Dawn is no longer in production and not for sale anymore, sorry.

Until Dawn Until Dawn
Until Dawn

Photography by Artecnica, Annabel Elston