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I love paper, it’s such a simple material. I had this idea that it could be possible to take a sheet of paper and to cut such a pattern into it that it would become flexible in all directions, so you could drape it like a piece of fabric. By cutting this floral pattern it also became something which was based on a memory of a walk in the woods and seeing the sunlight shining through the leaves of the trees. Layers of overlapping materials give subtle differences of brightness and shadows within the Midsummer Light itself.

The resulting shape is, on one hand, formed and defined, but there is also an element of chaos, of not controlling everything, a relaxed way of treating a material.

Midsummer Midsummer

An element of chaos

of not controlling everything

a relaxed way of treating a material

For the final production version we decided to make it more durable by using a synthetic paper, Tyvek (usually used for FedEx envelopes and medical gowns). It is non-tearable and water resistant but has the flexibility of paper.

During the design process, we only made models. This was necessary to actually see how the material behaved. We then hand cut twenty models before we had something we were very happy with. After this we were then able to scan this into the computer and make the production file.


Photography by Annabel Elston, Artecnica, Moroso