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Magnetic Fields

Magnetic Fields

This collection of resin coated surfaces has an eerie depth in their embedded 3-dimensional patterns of electromagnetic movement, which allude to a dark sci-fi atmosphere. The principle can potentially be applied to create bags, shoes, to interior and exterior architectural cladding, to spaceships...

As part of my graduation project in Eindhoven, I worked with a paint manufacturer on colour research. By accident I discovered that some of the pigments I worked with respond to magnets.
Seeing this, I realised that it would be possible to create patterns with this. I was drawn to this particular holographic effect, the suggested 3-dimensionality of the material.

Over the last three years I have developed a method that allows me to create these magnetic field patterns. I chose to develop this in the first instance as a studio produced collection. Developing the project independently from external manufacturers allowed me to refine the technology and to develop the know-how in-house.

3-dimensional patterns

of electromagnetic movement

allude to a dark sci-fi atmosphere

Magnetic Fields
Magnetic Fields
Magnetic Fields
Magnetic Fields 1
Magnetic Fields 2
Magnetic Fields 3
Magnetic Fields 4

Photography by Studio Tord Boontje