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A reinterpretation of the classic wood veneered cabinet of the 18th century.

In the finest traditions of the 18th century, this hand-made, hand-veneered cabinet also contains secrets - fourteen of them - in the form of hidden drawers, a secret compartment and hidden locks.

The complicated geometry of the doubled-curved surfaces of the wardrobe are covered on both the exterior and interior by hand-sawn cocobolo veneer. The particular Dalbergia wood selected is a silk-textured variety, richly brown in colour with rich highlights, and figured by a subtle, darker irregular weave throughout, lending itself to the challenges of the elaborate curves it is to cover.


A reinterpretation

of the wood veneered cabinet

of the 18th century

With intentional contrast, the entire interior of the secret central compartment and each of its secret drawers is made from both solid and hand-sawn veneers of padouk wood.

L'Armoire 1
L'Armoire 2
L'Armoire 3
L'Armoire 4
L'Armoire 5

Photography by Meta