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Hewlett Packard

Hewlett Packard

The world's first mini notebook with HP Imprint 3D, this limited edition is adorned with flora that weaves delicately around endangered animals, creating a mystical, layered effect. A closer look reveals shy animals hiding within the flora, like taking a walk in the woods and discovering animals along the way. But these are no ordinary animals. Many are endangered animals such as the polar bear, the blue whale, the red squirrel, just a few of the many creatures relying on us to help sustain the world that we share.

As an artist, I’m often asked where I find me inspiration. I enjoy looking for hidden elements in nature and it’s here I discover a world of living, breathing creatures.

I created an intricate landscape of flora and animals filled with shy little creature that hide in the layers. The look is whimsical and lightweight. I also designed 15 custom wallpapers and accessories to match.

Design is about more than just good look. It’s about making smart choices, such as being energy efficient and using smarter materials: smarter choices towards shaping the future of our world.

Hewlett Packard
Hewlett Packard Hewlett Packard

Images by Hewlett Packard