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A frozen blossom branch

after an ice storm

The Blossom Chandelier is a romantic chandelier inspired by nature.
Since it was first showed at Swarovski Crystal Palace it has become a contemporary classic.

When I first looked at the crystal components, I saw that the shapes resembled leaves and flower petals. This reminded me of when I was young, I saw a frozen blossom branch after an ice storm. I sensed this memory of the beauty of the frozen, sparkling flowers reflected in the crystal. This led me to the idea of creating a chandelier in the shape of a blossom branch. As an asymmetrical shape it breaks the mould of the classic chandelier form. It brings nature inside the home as an ethereal sparkling branch.

Blossom is in production and the standard dimensions of the chandelier are:


Length 165 cm x Height 135 cm x Wide 35 cm

Length 65” x Height 53” x Wide14”



Length 85 cm x Height 85 cm x Wide 30 cm

Length 33.5” x Height 33.5" x Wide 12”



Length 54 cm x Height 53 cm x Wide 15 cm

Length 21” x Height 21” x Wide 6”

The Blossom chandelier is manufactured by DesignCom.

Custom sizes and colours are available on request.

For more information and orders, please contact

Blossom Blossom

Photography by Annabel Elston, Swarovski