Projects: Identity

Jordan, Identity, Studio Tord Boontje


A toothbrush is something that we use everyday and so I tried to create small graphics that can make you happy when you see them; a little moment of joy. A monkey hanging from the branches, a giraffe peeking in, an otter swinging with fishes, jumping horses, water lilies in a pond and kissing bunnies. You can choose your own favourite from these different characters, one that you want to meet each day.

For me, using the toothbrush is a very nice way to add a small drawing to our daily routine. I like that the drawing is set inside the handle of the toothbrush, magnified as if it is a miniature world.

These small images work like a kind of illustration, a moment in an imaginary story that you can continue yourself. If you want, you can use the two minutes brushing to give the story a different twist every day.

2013 • Designed for Jordan

Jordan, Identity, Studio Tord Boontje
Jordan, Identity, Studio Tord Boontje

Photography by Jordan