Milan 2015: Scent and Psyche - The Garden Of Wonders. A Journey Through Scent

April 2015

Milan 2015: Scent and Psyche - The Garden Of Wonders. A Journey Through Scent

Located in the beautiful Orto Botanico in the Brera district of Milan, we’ve been invited to interpret an old Czech perfume, Waldes Et Spol, as part of BE OPEN’s ‘ The Garden Of Wonders. A Journey Through Scent ’.


Titled Scent and Psyche our installation, along with those of 7 other designers are each exploring a different perfume brand, previews during the Milan Furniture Fair and continues to 24th May for the EXPO 2015.

My interpretation of Waldes Et Spol is linked to the Bohemian roots of the brand going back to the early 1900's. A contemporary interpretation of this origin, this is an opportunity to reinvent the brand with the launch of a concept for a new scent product where scent is a dynamic, living system - TB

BE OPEN is an international foundation which operates in the field of design and creativity.


Visit the installation from 13 April to 24 May at Orto Botanico di Brera, Via Fratelli Gabba 10/ Via Brera 28, Milan.

March 2015

Doll Chairs, a collaboration with Alexander McQueen, on show in London

To celebrate the Alexander McQueen exhibition at the V&A Museum, we are showing the Doll Chairs from 2005 in the window of Themes and Variations in Notting Hill.

Doll Chairs, a collaboration with Alexander McQueen, on show in London
Originals at Sotheby’s London

December 2014

Originals at Sotheby’s London

From 6th until 18th January 2015, Sotheby’s London will stage ORIGINALS, an unprecedented selling exhibition of works by internationally acclaimed designer Tord Boontje and sculptor Emma Woffenden in its New Bond Street Galleries.

Curated by Janice Blackburn, Britain’s most influential curator and promoter in the field of contemporary arts and crafts, ORIGINALS will showcase the Tord’s most celebrated pieces of furniture, lighting, jewellery and textiles, alongside sculptures and drawings by Emma.

On view at Sotheby’s, 34-35 New Bond Street, London, W1A 2AA.

See images of the show here

October 2014

Latest commission at Barts Hospital

We recently completed our latest commission for Vital Arts in the new wing of St Bartholomew’s Hospital

We needed to create a permanent treatment of the windows that would provide privacy and at the same time a level of transparency to still enjoy a view from the inside.

The pattern is a mix of 24 different herbs and plants with medicinal qualities: from Arnica to Rosemary and Dandelion to Lavender.

I set out to create a pattern for the windows that would make you feel good about being in the rooms. The herbs add a botanical, floral and healing quality to the space.

See more on the project here

Latest commission at Barts Hospital

September 2014

Shoreditch Design Triangle video

We’ve had a great week as part of Shoreditch Design Triangle during this year’s London Design Festival. Thank you to everyone who came by! Here’s a video on a few of our neighbours that also features moments in our shop.

Our Enchanted Forest collection will be on show here until 15 October.

September 2014

Bouquet light for Habitat

Tord designed the iconic Garland light that first appeared in Habitat in 2003. The design was an instant hit selling out within days, with Habitat Tottenham Court Road reporting a waiting list of 400 customers.

My aim for Bouquet was to create a successor to the Garland - a delicate, floral light arrangement that was affordable and had a contemporary romantic look. Whilst I was considering this I was visiting my mother’s home in Sweden admiring the flowers in the garden and flower arrangements in vases inside.

Then I thought it could be great to create a light that works in a similar way – a light which allowed you to arrange a variety of individual floral elements around a bulb instead of a vase.

I collected a variety of leaves and flowers from this garden that I took back to London pressed in a book which were then scanned and became the basis for the new design. The starting shapes were modified, scaled and added to in the drawing process, always keeping in mind the way in which the leaves needed to shade the light bulb and the transparency of the perforations.

The material we chose for this design is a matt white flexible sheet plastic. It was chosen because of its durability, beautiful translucency and heat resistant qualities. This also allowed us to use a computer controlled plotter cutter – a device with a small knife blade that cuts exactly the digital drawing out of the plastic sheet material. The freedom that this new form of digital production allows makes it possible to have so much fine detail and variation. You’ll find 20 separate leaves and flower elements in Bouquet - each has a small hook on the top, which you simply fix around the light cable so it’s also very easy to install, just like arranging flowers in a vase.

Launching during London Design Festival as part of Habitat’s Design Reunion, a collection to celebrate it’s 50th anniversary, Bouquet will be available from 13th September.

Visit the Design Reunion exhibition at Habitat’s Platform gallery in their King’s Road store.

Bouquet will also be available to see and buy from our Shoreditch shop.

Bouquet light for Habitat
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