Projects: Chandeliers

Blossom, Chandeliers, Studio Tord Boontje
Blossom, Chandeliers, Studio Tord Boontje


The Blossom Chandelier, showing how crystal can be soft, romantic and organic, has now become a contemporary classic, sought after around the world.

I like crystal when it is used densely with an internal light, because it becomes very magical, like the ice palace of the fairy queen. By using LED we were able to place the light source directly next to the crystals, and best of all they could be programmed to flash on and off in sequence – all adding to the magic.

The form of the blossom branch came from a romantic idea. It is a place where crystal belongs.

Large: H 175 × W 130 × D 40 cm
Small: H 86.4 × W 86.4 × D 40 cm
Mini: H 53 × W 54 × D 15 cm

2002 • Designed for Swarovski

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Blossom, Chandeliers, Studio Tord Boontje

Photography by Annabel Elston