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Night Vision, Commodes, Studio Tord Boontje

Night Vision

When I look at mosaic patterns, I am immediately reminded of a pixelated image, a digital image. We use digital images from cameras and video to capture moments of life, these become our memories. The collection of mosaic for Bisazza is based on the idea to use images that trigger memories when you look at them. A pattern of sunlight filtering through the leaves of trees can remind you of a nice summer day, a picnic in the park or daydreaming in the back of a car and watching the landscape going by. These patterns become personalised memories for each viewer, we all share these memories.

I applied some of these patterns, Summer Trees, Dark Waters and Night Vision, to a coffee table and a commode in two sizes. The pieces have a large surface area for the mosaic to work optimally and an innovative sliding mechanism that opens the intricate volume inside.

Night Vision forms part of the Digital Memories collection.

L 121 × W 46 × H 103 cm

2009 • Designed for Bisazza

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Night Vision, Commodes, Studio Tord Boontje
Night Vision, Commodes, Studio Tord Boontje

Photography by Bisazza